Idaho Potato Museum

The Idaho Potato Museum showcases the history and cultivation of potatoes. A café and gift shop are available to visitors!
Idaho Potato Museum
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Idaho Potato Museum
Idaho Potato Musuem
A Must Visit!!
Idaho Potato Museum
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Don and Sheri Pratt, Blackfoot, dropped by the museum last month to donate a potato fork. No, this isn't a special utensil used to eat potatoes -- it is a farm implement similar to a pitch fork and it is used to shovel potatoes in and out of trucks and potato cellars! These potato forks are the reason why Carl and Leo Hobbs invented the "potato swing boom pilier," a revolutionary piece of equipment that moved potatoes in and out of cellars and trucks at the rate of one ton of potatoes per minute! Amazing! Here is a photo of Don and Sheri and the potato fork. Imagine how tough you had to be to shovel potatoes all day!
Idaho Potato Museum
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Oh Lucky Day! For the past two weeks, the museum has been without functioning bathrooms! It has been a challenge for our staff and our visitors. For this great inconvenience we are profoundly sorry! We did have port-a-potties from Snake River Sanitation set up in our south parking lot ... and SRS kept the potties clean. They serviced them every day! Nevertheless, it isn't the same as a good old fashioned sewer connection ... whoosh! Today, Liberty Plumbing reconnected the museum to the sewer line. And, soon, the City of Blackfoot will install a manhole over the area where the sewer pipe collapse took place. We will then have new pipe connecting us to the city's sewer system. Here is the back story: Liberty Plumbing is installing plumbing in a 1959 Union Pacific Caboose. While working, they discovered a problem in our sewer line. It has taken all the efforts of Liberty Plumbing, the City of Blackfoot Sanitation Department and a couple of contract plumbers with the correct equipment to clear the blockage as it was located in a very inconvenient spot. But, hello, hello and hurray, hurray we are back in business!

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