July 15, 2016

Why Idaho? The correct combination of the elements?

Idaho’s unique environment provides nearly perfect growing conditions for potatoes. The soil, clear clean water, clean air and climate in Idaho make potatoes superior to any potato grown anywhere else.

Summer days along the Snake River valley are sunny and warm, combined with Idaho’s cool nights provide ideal climate conditions for the growing and production of potatoes.

Idaho’s rich volcanic soil is ideally suited for potatoes. Potatoes seem to grow better in a light soil, like volcanic ash which has a rich supply of trace minerals and appears to be necessary for successful potato production.

Idaho’s scenic mountains collect snow throughout the winter months. In the spring, the snow melts and flows into large reservoirs both above and below ground. Water from the reservoirs are used to irrigate the potatoes using irrigation systems which can be programmed using the correct amount of water needed.

Lastly, Idaho farmers have generations of experience and knowledge of growing potatoes. Pioneering research to improve the soil, storage and processing have made them the world’s research leaders.

Idaho has the world’s most advanced storage research center and claims more environmentally controlled commercial storage facilities than any other growing region.

There may be similar growing areas in the world but none have the complete combination which Idaho has to grow the best potatoes on the market today.

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Why Idaho? The correct combination of the elements?. . .
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